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The Magical Empath Book I ~ Healing & Evolution (Paperback)

The Magical Empath Book I ~ Healing & Evolution (Paperback)

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Empath, break the chains!

Stop feeling overwhelmed

Move toward mastery, magic and miracles.

The Magical Empath brings together ancient, yet modern time-tested, methods for personal and spiritual transformation. This first in series book speaks to the hearts of empaths, starseeds, lightworkers, crystals, indigo and highly sensitive individuals.

It is common to feel very alone with the person you are inside. You know … the one you have been hiding or trying to tamp down. Yes, that one. The fact is, at this time in our world, there is an army of us. We are here for a reason. It is up to us to help usher in a world that is more transparent, feeling, and ultimately beautifully grounded in truths.

The knowledge contained herein is for those serious about leveling up to create an intensely magical life experience for themselves that ultimately touches those around them.

Empathic individuals have the capacity to affect or enact magic … if they choose to. Many do not realize this about themselves yet. They are caught in a tight web of being different and not knowing how to live more free.

Like any solid role playing game, we must possess the tools to wield our way through a maze of confusion and fears, seizing the right fortunate opportunities when they arise. While this game we are engaged in is completely an illusion, when we are playing it, the game feels very real. And that is what we do as empaths -- feel.

The Magical Empath series is designed to show you the more eloquent moves to make on the chessboard of life.

Empowerment through regulation and discernment, plus reaching a full understanding of who you are will propel you into your own magical destiny.

In this book, you will master:

○How to get past the uncomfortable feelings, such as anxiety, and on to the big magic that exists for advanced empaths.

○How to consistently attract synchronicities into your life that blow your mind and confirm you are on the right track.

○How to be soft, yet a formidable force for good.

○How to live in a balanced way with increased sensitivity, creativity and joy.

○How to magically erect a filter that allows into your field the feelings of others you want to take on or examine. Likewise, you will learn how to not be affected by those emotions coming in that you do not want.

○You will gain considerable knowledge about energy — the essence of all — including how to protect, manage it, attract it and receive more of the good energy you desire. And much more ….

Whether you recently discovered you are an empath or have known for quite awhile, this book series will become an invaluable part of your library and something you will want to share with other empathic souls. If you feel ready to move ahead and level up in this game of life, let’s get started! Magical empathic lives do come true!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sherry Westendorf
Excellent Read

Informative, learning, exciting and much more. A book that will help you understand more about yourself and what, when, where, how and why some things happen. Help to get those feelings you don't understand or why it happens do. A well written and highly recommended book. I knew some of what happens but didn't understand the feelings and what happens sometimes. I received a review copy and voluntarily review it.

Lisa Feldman
One of the best books for empaths

I read this book slowly and will refer to it often. Originally bought the ebook but have since ordered the paperback. The Magical Empath is a state of being to aspire to and the author shows how easy it is to slip in and out of that place of being. Shadow work, clearing final things that have been hanging around are part of this as well. An excellent read.

One of those books

You know those books that you start reading and they hit something? Something that triggers a deeper thought process to digest than most books? Well this was one of those for me. It was a slow read because I had to stop more than usual so it could be felt at a deeper level. It is a take what resonates and leave what doesn't kind of book, or that's how I feel about it.

Angela Paulson
Life Lessons For Everyone

This book will no doubt teach you something about yourself, whether or not you consider yourself to be an empath. Throughout are useful analogies that bring even further truth to the author's discoveries and also exercises that help you grow as a person. This is a great book to learn about yourself and how you relate to others in friendship, family, and love. For those that enjoy the chakra/energy stones/herbs path, the author gives useful suggestions to uplift your spirits. My favorite chapter was Building Trust. There is so much truth in this book!

Danielle McClarty
Must Read!!!!

Fantastic book great read for healing! Can’t wait for the next one

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