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Dreaming Synchronicity ~ Journey of an Empath (Paperback)
Dreaming Synchronicity ~ Journey of an Empath (Paperback)
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Dreaming Synchronicity ~ Journey of an Empath (Paperback)

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Immerse yourself in this mysterious journey of a young empath raised by an abusive mother suffering from personality disorders. Gifted with moments of clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuitive knowing, these paranormal occurrences assist her in escaping kidnapping and sex trafficking. This poignant story reads like fiction, but is vividly real.

Many will see pieces of their own life in this writing which examines escaping unhealthy patterns of behavior and reclaiming personal power. Showing the underlying psychology, this is a deeply intimate memoir riveting with strange occurrences and insightful revelations. Prophetic dreams and bizarre synchronicities carve this author’s world from a childhood wrought with abuse to a woman who finally finds her true self after many poor decisions and mishaps.

This book is about much more than the recounting of any victimization. Within this memoir, we see a new road forged for recognizing, coping and healing trauma of any sort. You will also get an in depth look at how patterns play out in many lives.

This book will leave you more intrigued than ever with dreams and synchronicity, and paying more attention to both. You will be appalled at times and then inspired at the next instant as you turn each page. Peeking inside Lyra’s world is illuminating and transforming.

Editorial Review
"Many people have unusual dream experiences but hesitate to tell anyone for fear of being considered eccentric at best and pathological at worst. However, Lyra Adams lets it all hang out! She discusses intimate details of both her dream life and her personal life, focusing on those unusual coincidences that Jung (and others) have referred to as "synchronicities." Each chapter of this remarkable book tells a fascinating story, one that is difficult to explain using Western science's concepts of time and space. But Adams also discuses how she has used these anomalous experiences to "break the chains" of the traumas that limited her development. Those chapters hold promise for psychotherapists, counselors, and those in the mental health professions who may encounter clients who report similar experiences. Even those readers who would write off Adams' "synchronicities" as ordinary coincidences will find her frankness admirable, and will discover new ways of exploring the deeper regions of their own psyches." --
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Alan Watts Professor of Psychology
Saybrook University, Oakland, CA

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tamir A. Shaw
This book has value

Adams' memoir was both fascinating and familiar. Her take on synchronicity created a unique reading experience as well. The sincerity in her words was encouraging despite the personal difficulties that she faced. Her message of hope and deliverance from one's past and self is important. I hope that many others take the time to receive it.

Engaging and Inspirational

Wonderful book that is much more accessible than you might think from the title. As with any good memoir, Adams does a great job drawing you in early on as she writes about physical and emotional abuse by a family member, and subsequently her experience with a sex trafficker as a teenager. Her recounting of such experiences can only be described as harrowing. The bravery she shows while recounting such experiences is exceeded only by her ability to overcome them.
As a male reader who grew up middle class in a typical family upbringing, I did not have much in common with Adams but still found myself incredibly drawn into her story not only during her formative years, but as she recounts her trials through her adult life.
The chapters are nicely woven together, and I appreciated not only many of the quotes which begin each chapter but often her own words encouraging the reader to overcoming obstacles in life, as well as understanding and trusting certain synchronicities that should not be dismissed. While I certainly would not consider myself a strong believer in synchronicity and how we can interpret the meanings of dreams, Adams still does a beautiful job of making her story relatable for those who do not.
The book closes with an epilogue that is as beautiful as it is honest. She ends her story not with the Hollywood-style perfect ending, but with words of hope, power and inspiration for the readers who went on the journey with her.
In the end, Adams weaves together a beautiful story of hope and overcoming adversity. If you have endured hardships in life whether with family or through relationships, the book is even more of a must read from which you hopefully can draw strength and inspiration.

Great book!

If you’re willing to open your mind this is a great read. The personal story contained encourages you to look past your own beliefs and norms. This one really had me thinking

Linda White
A Book that Shines

Many cheers to Lyra Adams for her bravery in giving us this story in black and white with an honest heart. I could hear her voice coming off the pages, haunting and soulful, saying, “Close your eyes and feel what I’m telling you. Throw your fears to the wind. You were born to burn bright. Light a match to your candlewick, Darling. It’s time!”

An intimate tale of spiritual development

Dreaming Synchronicity is a book with a lot to offer. It begins in the time and place of Lyra’s upbringing, making an interesting study of American life and culture from the 1970’s and onward. Lyra led a very full life during this period and her experiences are described without holding back. Then of course there is her parallel spiritual path, which is intertwined in the narration of these events.
As a young woman, she felt constrained by her family environment, so when she heard the calls of freedom and independence, she answered and attempted to forge her own path. Unfortunately, she sometimes paid a terrible price for this choice as her path crossed with individuals who betrayed her trust and took advantage of her. The trauma these experiences caused could have left spiritual scars that lasted a lifetime, but thanks to her intelligence and intuition, she managed to overcome her pain by reworking it and using it to build herself into a stronger person. She accomplished this by using specific thought patterns to recognize and overcome her negative emotions and trauma. For those of us stuck in a similar situation, we can learn a lot from Lyra about how to get through to the other side.
I loved this book's strong and positive message about loving and trusting oneself.

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