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I resisted ... but I'm in

Nanowrimo 2020

Okay, I'm in and feeling as if I am on a lonely starship with my blood mates willing to hook me up and jack me into the matrix, monitoring my vitals while I go on a wild ride. You see, last year I did not make my goal of 50,000 words for Nanowrimo. Blame it on an Italian Thanksgiving.

You may realize that Italians do not celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, they refer to this American tradition as "Turkey Day". As a side note, no one in my family is Italian. Yet, I visited a stupendous restaurant in Orlando that inspired me to create a very different feast for turkey day. It took me a week of preparation and two days to rest afterward from pure exhaustion. This was not your normal spaghetti and meatballs type of affair. No, it was full blown well researched Italian traditional foods with a turkey on top. So, I lost about 9 days of writing to a few hours of dining with my guests.

I host this food obsessive holiday each year for my family. This year, I am wondering if anyone will join us in this virulent environment (pun intended). Since things are so out of whack in our world, I believe it is necessary to provide the most stable of culinary selections in 2020 for the feast of Thanksgiving. Therefore, it will be the normal turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and such. Although, I may throw in Italian cream cake which was a huge hit. This means I can spend less time on preparing for the holiday with a smaller number of guests and less complicated chef skills.

More Apprehension

2020 will not be a year that people write songs of that are filled with sentimental nostalgia. We have added new terms in our lexicon like social distancing. I could buy my own island if I had a dollar for each time someone said "unprecedented".

And then there is ...

The election -- OMG -- the election!

I told my hubby, "Things will be crazy after this election day and no winner may be determined for awhile. I want to do Nanowrimo again, but I am worried I will have trouble staying focused."

Fear -- I don't want to fail. I want to get my 50,,000 words in despite the world falling apart around me like confetti streaming from the clouds. Can I do it? I don't know. But, I'm in. Here goes .....

All Is Never Lost

While I did not reach 50,000 words last year for Nanowrimo, I did advance things along with 32,593 words. More than that, I have to look at what I have accomplished over the past year with my overall goals.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my podcast I created that is having a huge positive impact worldwide!

I published two books this year!

Bravely, I am going ahead and joining Nanowrimo for 2020, knowing I could fail. It's alright if I do. (huge cackle heard in distance)

"All in good time my little pretty, all in good time." The Wicked Witch of the West.


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