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Heart of Humanity

Lyra Adams puts forth her vision and impressions for 2021 – a year of great change.

It will take humanity developing more courage to face 2021 and by that I do not intend to relate that we need to have fear — but more heart. We each will need to look at ourselves and how we play into the dynamics of what is going on around us. This applies to everything that we ingest physically into our bodies and that which we allow mentally into our minds. So remember we are what we eat and what we think as well. Be mindful of what you allow into your inner sanctum. Have appropriate limitations, discipline and boundaries.

For humans to have more humanity, we must look to the heart and be fearless — not fearful. We must reclaim our voices and our personal power. We must listen to others and allow them the same. We must be willing to hear the ideas and fears of other people and their situations in order to gain understanding. It takes a heart to listen and it requires courage to not believe that your way is the only way or the right avenue to travel upon each day.

Lyra Adams Copyright 2021 © All Rights Reserved

Photo Courtesy of: Sarah Richter (Pixabay)


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